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Santa Fe Group was established in 1997 by Walter Marucci and Carlos Mesa - boyhood friends who had a vision of providing affordable quality homes to first time home buyers.  Merginging their financial backgrounds and residential development and construction experience, Santa Fe Group successfully acquired, developed and constructed several in-fill housing tracts in metropolitan areas in Southern California.  Sadly, Carlos passed in 2008, and today Walter continues to pursue their shared vision.

Affordability has always been an important goal for Santa Fe Group that was inspired by Carlos, who as Vice-President of a Los Angeles area development company, built multi-family housing targeted at low-income buyers totaling thousands of units.  In fact, Carlos created a new program that was adopted by the City of Los Angeles making it possible for low-income home buyers to purchase a new home with the City financing their down payment.

Santa Fe Group continued to grow and the company had several projects in various stages of planning and development.  Home buyers enjoyed the personal service offered by Walter's and Carlos, who met with their customers, helped them walk through the home buying process, and remained accessible even after move-in, unlike production builders of the today.  Then, in 2005 fate intervened.   Carlos was diagnosed with lung cancer.  He continued working while receiving treatment, and in 2008 he passed away after a three-year heroic bout with the diesease.  Sadly, he left behind his wife and three children.  Shortly thereafter, the real estate market crashed and like so many other developers, Walter strived to save his company and retain ownership of land set-aside for future development while waiting out the economic downturn.

Years later with Walter's resolve to continue its legacy, Santa Fe Group re-emerged from these unfortunate circumstances - ever stronger - having forged new partnerships that providies the company with the resources necessary for achieving new successes.  Today, the company has several planned multi-family developments in Southern California with the continuing aim of providing affordabe homes to first time home buyers.



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