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Santa Fe Group is dedicated to the concepts of Universal Design and strives to incorporate as many features as we can into our homes.  There are many Americans with physical disabilities due to injury or illness, and the "graying" of America only means that there will be more people requiring universal design in their homes as the number of seniors grows and their ability to perform normal activities and retain their mobility is impacted.  In fact, today many seniors are converting their homes at some level to accomodate universal design.


Home buyers with physical disabilities face greater challenges in finding a home that will meet their needs and need to take into account the layout of the home with a special awareness of accessibility of critical elements of the home that others may take for granted.  A person in a wheelchair is concerned with the height of light switches and electrical outlets, ability to maneuver rooms and hallways, ability to access kitchen cabinets and counters and the ability to access showers, toilets and sinks easily and without obstructions.


Ideally, one-story homes are best suited for persons with disabilities, however our two-story homes typically include a downstairs bedroom and bathroom with a shower or a Study and/or formal Living Room that can be easily converted to downstairs bedroom.  Our homes also have backing around the shower and toilet areas for easier installation of grab bars.


Other home features in all homes include:


Ramp Style Entryways

36" Interior & Exterior Doorways

Minimum 36" wide Hallways

Single-lever Faucets

Step-in Showers

Toggle Light Switches

Lever Controlled Door Handles

Automatic Roll-up Garage Doors


If you are physically challenged, we would like to hear from you and get your thoughts and comments.



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