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Del Sol Village is located about a half-mile northeast of the intersection of I-805 and SR-905 and about two miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. The proposed in-fill project is bordered by State Route 905 to the south; single-family homes to the west; Vista Del Mar Middle School to the east; and the future extension of Del Sol Boulevard to the north, which will bisect the project site.  The increasing importance of State Route 905 as the new port of entry to Mexico, also known as Otay II, will contribute to attracting jobs and continued growth in the area.

Wide Area View 3.jpg

Del Sol Village is located within the Otay Mesa Community in the City of San Diego. The 20.05-acre Site consists of three parcels; APN 645-040-23-00, APN 645-040-24-00 and 645-040-27-00.





Del Sol Village LP



Del Sol Village LP



Del Sol Village LP






The 2014 Otay Mesa Community Plan Update designates the land use as Open Space. The Site is zoned as AR-1-1, which allows for residential uses of 1 unit per 10 acres in accordance with the City’s Land Development Code.  The Site is within the California Terraces Specific Plan Area.

The project site is also located within the Multiple-Species Conservation Program (“MSCP”) area and the City of San Diego MSCP Subarea Plan, and most of the Site is within the Subarea Plans’ Multi-Habitat Planning Area (“MHPA”) preserve system. The Site is within the Airport Land Use Compatibility Overlay Zone of Brown Field.


The Project is a Process 5 requiring a Land Use Amendment, Rezone, Site Development Permit, Planned Development Permit, Tentative Map, and a MHPA Boundary Line Adjustment.

Parcel Map Exhibit - 6-15-2023 (Walter).jpg


The development site is divided into three parcels, one for each multi-family residential product type, and a community park shared by the residents and accessible by the surrounding community. 

Tentative Map 11.17.23.jpg


The project development plan proposes 571 Total Unit comprised of 31 Town Homes, 194 Multi-Family Units (either for sale or lease), and 346 Apartment Homes:

Program Summary 11.14.23.jpg


Town Homes

The Townhomes proposed are Mediterranean style tri-level structures with large windows, multiple balconies, stonework, ironwork and canopies and planters.  Residents will also enjoy rooftop patios with ample views, including ocean views.  The town homes are strategically located on the western half of the development site adjacent to the existing residential community, Riviera Del Sol (Dolphin Cove).  There is a 40-setback to separate the town homes from the residential community.  The setback will serve as a green space with trees and shrubs between the communities to help in preserving the privacy of the existing community and shield the vertical structures from view.  Therefore, the setback together with the town homes will provide an effective transition or buffer approximately 350 feet between the existing single-family community of Riviera Del Sol and the proposed multi-family structures.

The town homes are strategically located on the western half of the development site adjacent to the existing residential community, Riviera Del Sol with a 40-setback separating the town homes from the residential community.  The setback will serve as a buffter and green space with trees and shrubs between the communities to help in preserving the privacy of the existing community while shielding the vertical structures from view.

Townhomes - Elevations 22.10.28 (Front).jpg

Front and Side Elevation

Apartment Homes

The proposed 346 unit, 7-story apartment structure is situateded on the northeast part of the development site 300-400 feet away fom the residential community of Riviera Del Sol.  The apartment homes are adjacent to the middle school and Ocean View Hills High School, and serve as an opportune living space for families with school-age children.  Several floorplans will be offered to serve the various needs of singles and families, including studios units and one-, two- and three-bedroom units ranging in size and location.  The apartment homes, although seven stories high, will maintain a relatively low profile in relation to the surrounding topography and grade situated alongside an existing 53-foot slope that is part of the super pad upon which the middle school was constructed, revealing only the top two floors of the apartment homes from the school’s line of sight.

The Apartment Homes proposed are also Mediterranean style with similar use of large windows, multiple balconies, stonework, ironwork, canopies, and planters.  The rooftop will be a useable area with patios and entertainment facilities.

Apartments - Elevations 22.12.05 (Building Entrance).jpg

Front Elevation (facing Del Sol Blvd.)

Virtually all units will have a scenic view afforded by the two-wing design of the structure.  The mix of units will include micro units and studio flats making the homes more accessible for middle-income residents.  Other floor plans will include one, two and three bedrooms.  In addition, the goal is to allocate as much as 15-20% of the units to low to moderate-income housing.  Underground parking will be provided for residents as well as guests.

Apartments - Elevations 22.12.05 (Plaza View).jpg

Plaza View

Apartments - Elevations 22.12.05 (Project Entry).jpg

Front & Side Elevation

Multi-family Building (Sale or Lease)

The proposed 194-unit 6-story Multi-Family Building is located at the south-eastern part of the development site alongside State Route 905.  Like the apartment structure, the structure has also been optimally located at the furthest point from the residential community of Riviera Del Sol alongside the 53-foot slope upon which the middle school is sited.  The multi-family structure will offer several floor plans focused on affordability for families of various sizes.

Condos - Elevations 22.10.30 (Building Entrance).jpg

Front Entrance (from the Plaza)

Condos - Elevations 22.10.30 (Left-Rear).jpg

Rear Side Elevation

Project Amenities

Project amenities include a fitness center, pool and spa facilities.  An open space plaza and community park are nestled between the apartment homes to the north and the multi-family homes to the south and the town homes to the west.   The park consists of green open space serving as a gathering spot highlighted by a fountain, a stage for outdoor performances, lounge areas with seating, fireplaces, and BBQs.  Also located in the plaza is a splash pad, tot lot, a bocci ball court, walking paths, and exercise stations.  Retail space will be located near the plaza to provide services to residents only.  In addition, all buildings will enjoy rooftop terraces taking advantage of the ocean views, including San Diego Harbor and Downtown San Diego depending on location.

(to entitlements)


The Developer’s goal is to limit the number of submissions to three and shorten the processing timeline by 6 – 8 months.


Del Sol Boulevard Roadway Extension

The development plan calls for the completion of the long-awaited final segment of Del Sol Boulevard, which was designed and funded by the City in 2005, but never built.  The roadway extension will (1) provide residents at Riviera Del Sol with direct access to Vista Del Mar Middle School and Ocean View Hills High School, (2) ease traffic congestion especially near the student drop-off location at the Vista Del Mar Middle School where a steady procession of vehicles is forced to make U-turns at the east terminus of the roadway, (3) provide residents of Ocean View Hills east of the project site with a secondary access route to the large commercial center located on Dennery Road, (4) provide much needed safe pedestrian and bike access with sidewalks and bike lanes, and most importantly, (5) provide potentially life-saving value by establishing a secondary ingress for emergency vehicles to access the schools and community.  It will also provide secondary egress for evacuation of the schools and surrounding community in the event of fire or other emergencies. 

Reimbursement Agreement

The cost of constructing the roadway extension is significant requiring extensive grading, slope remediation, retaining walls and dirt export.  The roadway is a 50-foot-wide two-lane road with a traffic signal, including transit stops, bike lanes and standard pedestrian amenities.  The developer is negotiating a reimbursement agreement on the contruction of the roadway extension.

Bus Transit Route

The developer, in consultation with the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), designed the roadway extension of Del Sol Boulevard to include two bus stops, one on either side of the roadway, nearest to the apartment homes.  The roadway extension allows MTS to implement a much-needed bus route to serve the community of Ocean View Hills, including the Vista Del Mar middle school and Ocean View Hills High School.

Affordable Housing

Del Sol Village was conceived with home affordability in mind for moderate income home buyers, including first-time buyers, San Diego’s service men and women, single-parent families and retirees looking to downsize.  In addition, it is a project objective to incorporate low-income units within the development plan meeting or exceeding the required 10%.   The current development plan is proposing 15% to achieve specific city incentives.  However, the final percentage will be dependent upon the density and product type approved, the formation of a reimbursement agreement with the city to cover the construction costs associated with the extension of Del Sol Boulevard, and the costs of adhering to land mitigation efforts prescribed for the project, including land acquisition costs and/or in-lieu fees, such as recreation and park fees.


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